Advocacy for Working Parents

I believe that all parents should be supported so that our families can be more successful. I believe that, in particular, the support for fathers in society, public policy and the workplace is seriously lacking. This hurts us all- moms, kids, families, dads, communities and businesses.

In my advocacy work for working parents, I have spoken at the United Nations International Day of the Family, the White House Summit for Working Families and the White House Summit for Working Fathers. I have visited the DC offices of many members of congress to discuss paid parental leave and paid sick leave legislation. I have rallied for paid parental leave in New York State, and worked with the Department of Labor in New Jersey to spread awareness of the paid parental leave policy among New Jersey dads.  I serve on the advisory board for the New America Foundation’s Paid Leave Database.

I have worked with several impactful advocacy organizations including: The National Partnership for Women and Families, A Better Balance, NY Paid Leave Coalition, 1 Million for Work Flexibility, and the Center for Legal and Social Policy. I encourage you to support these amazing organizations. If you are involved with policy advocacy, contact me to see how we can work together.

If stronger families are important to you, please vote for the candidates who are more willing to support families with practical solutions for income security, job security, affordable child care, paid parental leave and early childhood education.